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Since 2006, Innovative Payroll Services has been pioneering the outsourced payroll industry, and have not looked back since.

Armed with a staff that brings decades of payroll experience to bear on their clients’ businesses, as well as a desire to step out from underneath the thumb of his gigantic, global competitors, IPS began with a simple idea:

“Our knowledge and sophisticated approach to your business – not just your payroll – is what will make a difference for your bottom line.”

IPS looked at all the service offerings and the market position of these industry giants and their local competitors, and determined that they could help their clients better understand their business through the discipline of properly administrating their payroll and their business, and the value that discipline brings to their own bottom lines.

That’s when IPS came up with its Payright Protection Program:

  • It is your Payright as an employee to get your pay on time, properly documented, with no year-end hassles when it comes time for filing taxes.
  • It is your Payright as an employer to not cripple your business by a lack of knowledge of what’s available to you to lower your costs through proper payroll discipline and business practices.

IPS has made a business out of educating their clients about business issues beyond payroll. IPS’ team of experts counsel their clients about those issues that directly impact their cost of doing business; their ability to comply with labor law; to lower their tax liabilities; to uncover the newest tax legislation and determine – with IPS’ professional guidance – how it impacts their bottom lines.

Insight + Preparation = Savings

Insight into your business and the full-spectrum of payroll process savings available to you as an employer PLUS proper and thorough payroll and business Preparation throughout the year EQUALS a cost of doing business Savings that is second to none. That’s why IPS enjoys a sizeable referral business from the legions of CPAs that recommend their clients to IPS throughout the country.

What This Means to Your Business

At IPS, your satisfaction is our primary focus. That’s why so many of our clients enjoy the one-on-one relationship they have with their IPS professionals: we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our proactive service on your behalf.


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