Employee Navigator

Employee Navigator is transforming how brokers, HR and employees navigate benefits. Today's HR managers are being asked to do more with less. By using Employee Navigator, you can manage employees, deliver HR content and manage benefit enrollment ... all from one portal.

Ten IMPORTANT Reasons for Employers to use Employee Navigator

  • Conduct open enrollment online
  • Access HR data & reports easily
  • Easily manage your HR content
  • Reduce corporate liabilities
  • Free mobile apps for employees & HR improves management visibility
  • Improve communication with employees
  • Accurately report payroll deductions
  • Works with your broker
  • Reconcile carrier bills faster
  • Reduce corporate liabilities Improve management visibility

Innovative Payroll Services is proud to have a seamless integration with Employee Navigator. Contact us for a free demo

Employee Navigator

Did you know that by using Employee Navigator

you can :

  •  Access HR data & reports easily
  •  Easily manage your HR content
  •  Reduce corporate liabilities
  •  Free mobile apps for employees & HR
  •  Improve management visibility
  •  Improve communication with employees
  •  Accurately report payroll deductions 
  •  Reconcile carrier bills faster


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