Platinum HRService

This product was designed with the mind set your human capital is your most valuable asset. So with that in mind we have an HR solution that is second to none and beneficial for any size company.

PlatinumHR features the following:

  • Employee Relationship Manager – a CRM for your employee. This empowers HR professionals to help manage their employee relationships with a strategic employee focus, by having a way to store and track the growth of an employee.
  • Performance Manager – allows you a strong management capability by motivating, retaining, and developing top performing talent. This feature improves consistency of the review process making it easier to standardize best practices to gain accountability while ensuring compliance.
  • Recruitment Manager – building an exceptional workforce is crucial to any business. This option streamlines your hiring process.  It creates a process of methodology ensuring you the best hire in an efficient cost effect manner by helping you screen, qualify, score and rank candidates to qualify the best candidate according to position requirements.
  • Document Manager- Our robust Document Manager provides a secure centralized repository that reinvents how HR Departments store, utilize and distribute documents. This is designed to maximize communication and a work flow process throughout your organization.
  • HR Elements – here are some popular elements of PlatinumHR tracking
    • Asset Management
    • Complete Audit
    • Date Driven Dates 
    • Employment History
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Attendance
    • Family Members
    • Previous Employment
    • Pay Calculators
    • Attendance / FMLA

Platinum HR

We understand that your employees are the most important asset in your company. IPS can provide you resources to manage your human resource requirements. 

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