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business-people-worldSince 2006, our Mission has been to provide confidence, accuracy, and efficiency to our clients by creating a payroll platform that offers top of line payroll processing along with top notch customer service.  We are proud to say IPS has become a respected payroll provider Nationwide.

Innovative Payroll Services has employed a team of experts that offer decades of payroll experience to assist in all aspects of payroll management. Our knowledge and sophisticated approach to your business – not just your payroll – is what will make a difference for your bottom line.” This business model has set us apart in the payroll industry. We want to earn your business and keep it. Our team continues to research and be educated so our platform is always state of the art with our clients needs in mind.



Why pick INNOVATIVE PAYROLL SERVICES as your payroll provider ?

  • IPS Knowledge + IPS Experience = Savings for our Clients .... We want to be your “Trusted Payroll Partner” with our vast experience and insight into your business, IPS can provide you with a full-spectrum of payroll management savings. Our ability to analyze your payroll tasks and advise you of the most efficient and cost effective avenues make us the number one choice for payroll outsourcing. That’s why IPS enjoys a sizable referral business from the legions of CPAs that recommend their clients to IPS throughout the country.
  • At IPS, your satisfaction is our primary focus. That’s why so many of our clients enjoy the one-on-one relationship they have with their IPS professionals: we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our proactive service on your behalf.
  • IPS has made a business out of educating their clients about business issues beyond payroll. IPS’ team of experts counsel their clients about those issues that directly impact their cost of doing business; their ability to comply with labor law; to lower their tax liabilities; to uncover the newest tax legislation and determine – with IPS’ professional guidance – how it impacts their bottom line.
  • IPS is proud to be SAS70 certified. What does this mean to you? It means IPS has taken the extra step in ensuring our clients piece of mind and security that our practices have been audited and found in compliance with industry standards. For more information on SAS70 go to www.sas70.com

Did You Know...

IPS has live attendants answering your calls every day during business hours

IPS is dedicated to providing you the very best customer service

IPS has employed a team of professionals with years of payroll experience

IPS has a biweekly newsletter filled with valuable information

IPS is a member of the IPPA - Independent Payroll Providers Assoc

IPS is SAS70 certified

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